Special Cranes ( Large Capacity & Heavy Duty Cranes )

The special cranes are used in heavy industry applications like steelworks, generator productions, power stations, forging plants, marine, plastic molding and concrete plants among others.


Trinity Cranes is capable of designing and manufacturing heavy capacity cranes as per the specific requirements of customers. The large capacity cranes are fitted with open barrel hoists (from European OEM) and the girders produced in-house. These hoists are designed with the FEM standards and considering all the safety features including the redundant brakes on the drum.  Large capacity cranes can also be manufactured with split joints so that they can be shipped in 40-foot open top containers for export orders.


The heavy duty cranes produced by Trinity Cranes conform to the FEM norms and regulation and consider key factors like the crane application, ideal working temperature and working hours, etc.


If you are interested in Special Cranes ( Large Capacity & Heavy Duty Cranes ) Products & Special Crane Services in UAE or would like information about any of our additional crane product & services, feel free to contact us directly. We are happy to serve by telephone at +971 50 912 3175 or email at cranes@trinityholdings.com